Frequently asked questions…


Q: What time does church start?
A: Our Sunday morning Family Service begins at 10am.

Q: Where do I find BCC?
A: Church is held at the Rawene Centre, right in the heart of Highbury – 33 Rawene Rd, Birkenhead. Have a look here…

Q: Do you have parking?
A: Yes. There are car parks available on the church site or right along Rawene Rd. There’s also a large public car park at the top of Rawene Rd.

Q: What should I wear?
A: Don’t feel you need to dress up to come to church – no collar necessary! Though, feel free to if you wish. We’re a pretty casual bunch – jeans, shorts or jandals are more than acceptable.


Q: Is there anything for children?
A: Of course – kids are always welcome. Children come along to the Family Service to worship and sing, and then children and youth go out to their programs as the sermon starts. We also have a crèche for children under 5, and a parents room so mums and dads can still hear the sermon.


Q: Is Birkenhead Community Church part of a denomination?
A: We’re an independent church, but we’re associated with the Christian (Open) Brethren denomination through our church history. If you wanted to label us, we’re ‘Protestant evangelicals’.

Q: Who is the pastor?
A: Dan Tyler

Q: What is the leadership structure of the church?
A: Throughout our 100+ year history, BCC has operated under the Brethren model of leadership by elders. The elders provide leadership, governance, accountability and direction for the church, and oversee all teaching, ministries, mission, and activities. The members of the church all contribute too, by serving according to their own calling and gifts. At BCC our established Eldership team take care of the spiritual ‘health’ of the church. They oversee everything that happens but appoint groups to care for different aspects of church life.

At BCC the Leadership Group (LG) essentially manage many of the practical aspects of church ministry. They work closely with elders, staff and ministry leaders. Our Pastoral Care Team coordinates aspects of fellowship, pastoral visiting, counselling and support.  Both the LG and Pastoral Care Team are responsible to the Elders.

Q: How does the church feel about other churches?
A: We have great respect for other Christian churches and welcome the opportunity to get involved with other congregations through prayer and ministry.


Q: Where does church funding come from?
A: As a church, our funds are gained almost entirely from the gifts of those in our congregation. This money is used to pay staff, run activities within the church, support missions, and contribute to the Willow Christian Trust. Elders oversee the church finances, and regular financial reports are presented to the congregation.

Q: What are members expected to give financially?
A: First things first, there are no fees to come to church. But as a committed member of any church you want to see your church enriching people’s lives through ministry and involvement in the community it’s in – and that all takes funding, to a certain extent.

We believe the Bible is clear in its teaching regarding tithing (giving) as God’s means for economically supporting His church. This concept is taught throughout the Bible in both Old and New Testaments and was initiated by God in His covenant with Abraham (Genesis 14:20; Genesis 28:22) and confirmed by Jesus and the Apostles under the new covenant (Matthew 23:23; Hebrews 7:8).

A tithe is the ‘first fruits’ of one’s income – an initial gift put aside for the church, given out of joy, not duty.

Account Name: Birkenhead Community Church
Account Number: 02-0112-0027355-00


Q: What does the church believe about women being involved in ministry?
A: We believe the New Testament teaches that women are an equal and invaluable part of ministries in the local church. Under the new covenant and based on New Testament scriptures, women are free to pursue any ministry to which they are gifted and called (Galatians 3:28; Acts 8: 12; Romans 16).

If you want to know more about BCC come along this Sunday at 10am.