About us

Willow Christian Trust

The Willow Christian Trust (WCT) was established by Birkenhead Community Church in 1999, and registered as a Trust under the Charitable Trust Act 1957. Trustees are appointed by the elders of BCC.

This trust purchased a warehouse and offices in Rawene Road using revenue from the sale of BCC’s original Willow Avenue property, along with many generous gifts, loans, as well as fundraising. This building is now called the ‘Rawene Centre’.

The WCT continues to manage the centre, overseeing renovation work, running various community projects, holding events, and partnering with various community groups who use the centre. As well as the building, the WCT also owns and maintains all assets and property within the building.   The continued funding of the Trust is through fundraising and events, charitable grants, BCC contributions, and income from commercial tenants of the centre.

The trustees have appointed staff to manage and maintain the centre and its ministries. The staff and trustees work closely with BCC.

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